Has you property (or Money) been seized for forfeiture?

If the police has seized our property you most likely received Notice of Seizure for Forfeiture. In that case, the State is alleging tht you property was used in the commission of a crime, is proceeds of a crime, or was purchased with money obtained from a crime. Consequently, the State is seeking to have the property… Read more »


INITIAL INVESTIGATION When a crime is reported to a law enforcement agency, a patrol officer travels to the scene to investigate. After first assisting anyone who may need medical attention, the patrol officer will interview the victim(s) and any witness(es) and compile a report describing the crime. Police Detectives and crime scene investigators may also… Read more »

Can’t Afford a Private Lawyer – Take a Knapp

What is Knapp Counsel? It is a way that your family can hire a private lawyer to work with the public defender in your case. Why? It costs less than having the private lawyer replace the public defender. This is because you the benefit of the state paying for some of the costs of litigation… Read more »

Notice of Property Seizure – Claim It or Lose It FOREVER!

Have you received a  “Notice of Seizure for Forfeiture” or “Notice of Pending Forfeiture” for property or money that has been taken by some law enforcement agency? If you have, you need to respond promptly or you may lose your property or money forever!  The unfortunate truth is that law enforcement can take your property… Read more »

Legal Demands and Claims of Film Copyright Infringement

Beginning in 2010 and continuing to this time, a number of law firms in locations across the country have filed suits, on behalf of independent film owners, against large numbers of unnamed or “Doe” defendants, alleging that they copied or shared films over their Internet service using “Peer-to-Peer” file sharing services. These firms assert that they… Read more »