Schneider, Baudler & Abbott, PC represents persons accused of crimes in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota including the Twin Cities. Schneider
Criminal Law believes in aggressive representation with a personal touch. The criminal lawyers at the Schneider Law Firm are extremely dedicated and committed towards fulfilling the requirements of clients. Needless to say, they treat all their cases with due diligence and work tirelessly to achieve the legal goals of their clients.


Minneapolis DWI Lawyer & Attorney

Our criminal defense law firm represents persons throughout Minnesota in matters such as violent crimes, murder, homicide, manslaughter, kidnapping, assault, aggravated assault, battery, robbery, sex crimes, criminal sexual conduct, internet crimes, child molestation, possession of drugs, sale of narcotics, manufacturing of drugs, federal crimes, mail fraud, health care fraud, mortgage fraud, credit card fraud, bad check issues, drug offenses, weapons offenses and gun rights, DWI and DUI matters, vehicular homicide, domestic violence and more.

We believe in professional legal ethics and will maintain your confidentiality while fighting to defend your case and seek justice for you. Protecting your rights is important and the lawyer you choose can make the difference. By hiring us to defend your criminal case, we will be able to defend you with the latest and best legal solutions available. Contact our law office
today for a free case consultation. Our Minneapolis, MN Criminal Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney can represent you and defend your rights.

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