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Most agreements require a contract. Whether you are buying a house or car or you are signing up for a new insurance policy, there is a contract. Even the receipt of a retail transaction will sometimes outline the terms of the purchase. In other words, many people have contracts involved in their lives and they don’t always realize it. But, even when there are agreements in place, disputes arise. That is why it is imperative to have a properly created contract in place. If you are in the Arizona, Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale or surrounding area and you need a solid contract created, a Glendale contract lawyer at Myles Schneider & Associates, LTD can help you.

By having a lawyer draft your contract, you are working with someone who knows the law and can apply it and other principles to the copy. This can close loopholes and eliminate questionable language that could affect the integrity of the contract.

Thorough Contract Creation

In the creation process, every contract has or doesn’t have a formation. There are, however, elements that must be present. Those elements are the offer, acceptance, and consideration. The consideration portion is the “benefit” or “bargain.” This means that each party is giving up an entitlement to get something in return. If the contract isn’t formed properly, then at least one party could be given an “out” that could cause harm to the other party.

Because the courts are limited on their ability to monitor performance as it’s outlined in a contract, they prefer to award monetary damages instead of making each side fulfill their duty to one another when a breach has occurred. There are times that it’s not possible to negotiate monetary damages for breach of contract and come out ahead. If negotiations for a settlement fail, then the damages become the issue at trial. Sometimes, performance may be ordered to fulfill the contract when the terms of the contract are so unique that a compromise isn’t available.

Protecting Your Interests

All in all, having a contract that is clear in its language is important for ensuring fulfillment of the contract, as there can be monetary consequences or an order for performance. There are so many parts to a contract that must be thorough that having someone with experience, a legal background, and knowledge about the type of agreement needed can make a considerable amount of difference in the strength of the agreement. A weak agreement is one that opens the door to breach without consequences.

Contact A Glendale Contract Lawyer

Don’t attempt to draft a contract on your own when you have an attorney in your corner to take care of the task for you and ensure that it is as sound as possible. To learn more about how Myles Schneider & Associates, LTD can help you, call 602-926-7373 for a free consultation.


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