Case Results & Client Testimonials

Below you will find some recent case results and testimonials.


In 2014 I was accused of sexual assault by my Ex Wife. I had agreed to meet her at her apartment for coffee in her apartment to discuss custody and assets. She got really upset and wasn’t happy about because I wanted to make things work out. She created a scene she started screaming and yelling rape ripping her clothes off. I ran out the door of fear. Later that day I received a phone call from the Tempe police department to come down for questioning. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Although they didn’t have any physical evidence of the alleged sexual assault; they continued to accuse me of the crime. Later that day I went online and did some research for a criminal defense attorney. I found Myles Schneider; Myles took my case into his hands. He was able to convince the police department of my innocence.  We also discussed different options concerning my need to communicate with my ex-wife. Thanks to Myles everything fell into place and I did not get charged.

Class 6 Felony

When I was charged with a class 6 felony I immediately thought my whole life was ruined. I was facing an aggravated sentence of two years, and a felony on my record. My criminal defense lawyer, Myles A. Schneider gave me a free consultation with more than reasonable rates. He was aggressive and extremely competent, understanding and compassionate. I was more than pleased with the outcome, misdemeanor with probation. I would eagerly refer anyone to him!


2013, I was going through a difficult time in my life at which point had made a bad choice and was facing charges for criminal theft. I was very fortunate to have found an excellent criminal defense attorney who offers free consultation and really reasonable rates. Myles A. Schneider represented me with integrity and helped me get my life back on track. He is both honest and trustworthy and someone I would highly recommend


In 2013 I was charged with 2nd degree burglary, a class 3 felony and was looking at a possible 5 year sentence in prison. Fortunately I found an aggressive criminal defense attorney who offers free consultation and very reasonable rates. Myles A. Schneider is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and honest and I would strongly recommend him.  Mr. Schneider helped me get a fair sentence.


In 2011 I was charged with a Burglary that wasn’t my fault. One night I forgot to lock my car door. The Next morning I noticed my car was not in the driveway. I reported my car stolen. Later that day the police came to investigate where my car was parked. But they couldn’t find enough evidence so they took me down to Phoenix police department for questioning. I was brought to tears. The police thought I knew the person who stole my own car and that I was involved in a burglary because my care plates were seen at the scene of a crime. I went online to find a criminal defense lawyers in Phoenix. I found Myles A. Schneider and reached out to him for a free consultation. We discussed my case Myles was able to work with me patiently throughout everything. Eventually, Myles got everything resolved quickly. He was able to convince the City of Phoenix that I was not involved. If it wasn’t for his aggressive representation, I would not have had my case resolved so quickly.


In 2012 I got my identity stolen from a manager at work.  She used by personal information to commit fraud.   The police contacted me and implied that it was me who committed the fraud.  I found Myles A. Schneider contacted him for a free consultation.  I was able to meet with him right away he explained to me about identity theft being very common.  He was able to defend me.  Myles Schneider is the best criminal defense lawyer that I have met in phoenix Arizona he helped me get justice, keep my freedom and my identity back.  If you or someone you know is being accused or convicted of identity theft charges I recommend you contact Myles Schneider he will defend your case and will not let you down.


Our client was acquitted by jury of committing an assault on his girl friend when established that they had an assault based relationship wherein both participated. Right or wrong the jury decided that each was equally guilty therefore they were compelled to make a finding of Not Guilty. Verdict disallowed the revocation of Defendant’s parole and stopped the Court from returning him to prison.


Secured a case dismissal in a Criminal Damage to Property matter when Jury found client guilty, but determined that there was no dollar value to property damaged. Upon motion at conclusion of deliberation Court dismissed the entire case.


Tried Mail Fraud in Minnesota Federal Court and client was found guilty, however, because of Probation Officer experience successfully had defendant placed in Federal Work Camp prison. Sad note to case is that the client passed away while in prison, however, it was a heart attack on a tennis court while playing tennis.


Successfully avoided Adult Certification in Juvenile Court of a 2nd Degree Murder charge. Client was adjudicated guilty of charge, but dealt with as a juvenile rather than an adult.


Secured a dismissal of a First Degree Burglary when the only evidence was DNA results of a cigarette found outside the building. Motion to dismiss for lack of Probable Cause granted.


Secured dismissal of Criminal Sexual Conduct when, after protracted Pre-Trial hearings and motions, defendant’s neighbor confessed. Peculiar set of facts as client wanted throughout the proceedings to plea guilty to avoid a trial, however, was persuaded not to when the neighbor confessed that he had assaulted the little girl in neighborhood.


Secured downward departures on three different First Degree Possession and Sale of Controlled Substance matters. This offense is a mandatory commit to prison sentence and with Defendant’s co-operation have secured probationary sentences thereby avoiding a prison sentence.


Have defended literally thousands of citizens charged with DWI. Forty years of private practice, including time as a part-time Public Defender and City Prosecutor, have secured experience to find a way to successfully defend DWI’s if one exists in your case.


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Myles A. Schneider & Associates, Ltd we are proud to be associates With Federal Bar Association. AVVO, State Bar Of Arizona and MSBA.