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A person may be accused of criminal trespass if they enter a piece of property or remain on the property knowing that they shouldn’t be there due to being told to leave or to not enter by the property owner. Criminal trespass may also be charged when an individual disobeys a no trespassing sign.

If you have been charged with criminal trespass or you have reason to believe that you are being investigated, then it is important to contact a Glendale criminal defense lawyer who is experienced with these cases. That way your rights are protected and the best result can be sought.

Defending You With The Facts

There are three degrees of criminal trespass. They are Third-Degree, which is the least of the charges and usually involves violating a posted warning. Second-Degree involves entering a non-residential property or remaining on a non-residential property after being told to leave by the owner or another authorized individual. First-Degree involves the unlawful entry or remaining on a residential property after being told not to enter the property or to leave. First-Degree may also be charged if a person is on the property unlawfully in order to purposely infringe on the privacy of another or if they are on a mineral claim with the purpose of taking minerals from the property.

Regardless of the charge, it is very important that you have a Glendale criminal trespass attorney working by your side every step of the way so you can receive the best results. The best result may be reduced charges, a dismissed case, or acquittal.

Protecting You Against Criminal Trespass Penalties

There are many times when individuals are charged with criminal trespass in conjunction with another crime, such as robbery, burglary, or arson. First-Degree can result in nearly six years in prison, depending on if there have been previous offenses or any aggravating factors present. There are also fines that can cost up to $2,500.

Your attorney will use various criminal defense strategies to get the best result. For instance, you may not have known that you were to not be on the property. Then again, the person who told you to not enter or to leave may not have been the property owner, a tenant, or another person authorized to make such demands. If these facts exist, then they can be used, otherwise a different strategy can be used in the case in order to achieve the best possible result for you.

Contact A Glendale Criminal Defense Attorney

Being investigated or charged with criminal trespass may not seem like a major charge, but it can have major consequences that go far outside the legal consequences. In order to receive the best result in your case, it is best to work with an attorney who is known for a successful track record and an aggressive defense. To learn more about how Myles A. Schneider & Associates, LTD can help you, call 24/7 at 602-926-7373 or fill out the contact form for a free consultation.


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