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Being charged with conspiracy is a serious matter because it involves having a secret agreement with another party for the sole purpose of committing an illegal act. The act is usually one involving an act of fraud or even murder. If it is found that a secret existed between two people that involve some kind of illegal act, then a charge of conspiracy is imposed.

There are a number of illegal acts that can involve a conspiracy charge. If you have been charged with conspiracy, then you need an Arizona conspiracy lawyer to help you fight the charges against you and receive a favorable outcome in your case. Your qualified attorney can review the charges against you and start creating a defense strategy immediately. If you’ve been accused of conspiracy in Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale or the surrounding area it is important to give Myles A. Schneider & Associates a call before talking to the police.

Penalties For Conspiracy In Arizona

There are many penalties that can be imposed when it comes to conspiracy. It is a felony and it could result in result in a penalty as high as 25 years in prison. However, the penalty can be as low as one year in jail if it is a first time offense, depending upon the severity of the offense. The more convictions a person has behind them for the crime of conspiracy, the higher their penalty is going to be. For instance, a person who has committed a second offense and gets a “prison only” penalty may receive 16 ¾ years in prison, but could be in prison for as few as 3 ½ years. There are six classes of conspiracy and class six is the least severe with class one possessing the highest penalties.

Hire A competent Arizona Defense Attorney

There are a number of defenses for conspiracy that your Phoenix conspiracy attorney can use in order to have the charges dismissed or for the end result to be a “not guilty” verdict. It is also possible to have charges reduced so that the penalties are reduced. Nonetheless, the attorney can state that although it looked as if the defendant was involved, the defendant had no knowledge of what was happening and of the criminal conduct of the other parties involved. In a logical sense, an individual cannot help someone commit a crime if they have no knowledge that a crime is being committed.

In order for there to be a conspiracy conviction, there must have been an agreement between two individuals to over act towards accomplishing the criminal goal. For instance, two people agree to break into a home, they can only be convicted of conspiracy if they complete an act that is used to complete a burglary, such as buying equipment to pick locks. A verbal agreement is not enough to get a conviction.

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If you have been charged with conspiracy, you need a quick, competent, and experienced attorney to help you have the charges reduced, dismissed, or for the jury to find you not guilty. To find out how Myles A. Schneider & Associates can help you, call us 24/7 at 602-926-7373 to schedule your free consultation and learn about your rights and what strategies can be used to help you.

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