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Extortion is the act of knowingly obtaining or seeking to obtain property or services by threatening someone. This threat can include taking a future action that could hurt them in some way. Of course, the person being threatened may comply with the requests of the one threatening them so that they do not ruin their reputation or so they are not subject to physical harm or property loss.

However, some individuals are falsely accused of extortion and some of those being threatened can also commit criminal acts if they do not contact the authorities or the proper entity to report the extortion. If they follow through with the demands of the person making the threats, they can commit a criminal act. It is very important to speak with a Phoenix criminal defense  lawyer to find out what to do and, if you have been accused of or are being investigated for extortion or committing an act because you were threatened, you need legal assistance as soon as possible.  If you’ve been accused of extortion in Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale or the surrounding area it is important to give Myles A. Schneider & Associates a call before talking to the police.

Extortion Threats

As stated before, the person committing extortion does so by threatening another person into handing over property or services. These threats include:

  • Causing damage to property
  • Causing physical injury
  • Causing physical injury through the use of a deadly weapon or another dangerous instrument
  • Exposing a secret, whether it is true or false, so that that person is subject to ridicule, hatred, or contempt so that their business or credibility is damaged
  • Any behavior that constitutes a criminal offense
  • Causing anyone to part with their property
  • Withholding action as a public servant or causing a public servant to withhold action
  • Bringing criminal charges against a person

Types Of Extortion

There are different types of extortion. The first is using bribery. Bribery is a type of extortion in that it involves giving money or something of value to alter the conduct of a person who is in a position of trust. Accepting that bribe is also a criminal act, so it is ideal to contact an Arizona extortion lawyer as soon as possible so that you are guided in what needs to be done to protect yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are on the receiving end of extortion or the one who allegedly committed it.

The other type of extortion is blackmail and it involves the threatening of a person’s organization or reputation with the disclosure of harmful secrets that could be very damaging if the information was released. That information may be true or false. Blackmail also involves the offender requesting money or property in exchange for not revealing information.

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