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If you have been charged or you are being investigated for organized crime, then you are subject to very strict penalties if convicted. Anyone who is involved in organized crime is considered to be engaging in criminal activities for a long period of time. Most of all, individuals are not acting alone when they are involved in organized crime. Usually, groups work together for a sole purpose.

Take the mob, for instance. The mob committed crime on a sustained basis in order to gain control and money. Extortion, murder, and a variety of other acts were committed by the mob, and, unfortunately, such things still happen today. Some parties are innocent, sometimes the charges are inflated, and there are those that are guilty. Nonetheless, all require solid representation by a qualified Phoenix criminal defense attorney. If you’ve been accused of gang related crimes in Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale or the surrounding area it is important to give Myles A. Schneider & Associates a call before talking to the police.

We assist with the following types of criminal defense matters:

  • Possession of altered property
  • Trafficking in stolen property
  • Participating in or assisting a criminal syndicate
  • Fraudulent schemes and artifices
  • Illegal control of an enterprise
  • Money laundering
  • Smuggling
  • Residential mortgage fraud
  • Participating in or assisting a criminal street gang
  • Unlawful transactions involving drop house properties
  • Participating in or assisting a human smuggling

Organized Crime Groups

Organized crime groups work within organizational structures to fulfill their common purpose that falls outside the bounds of legal activities. While the group is an “organization,” they usually don’t have any kind of structure. They are very hierarchical with a vertical arrangement and tight controls. Take the Columbian cocaine cartels as an example. They don’t have a real structure, but they are very organized at the same time.

In fact, there are many organized crime groups that use drugs as their way to gain financial control. These groups work across the border and within it. A lot of organized crime is occurring in Mexico and bleeding over into Arizona’s borders. But organized crime rings are not just involving drugs nowadays. There is also organized crime on the white collar level and, sometimes, this can result in individuals being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Organized Crime Charges

Especially in the business world, it is common for innocent individuals to become tied up in organized crime simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Perhaps the bank teller who knew nothing unknowingly performed a transaction that was a part of an organized crime ring using financial institutions for financial gain. There are many scenarios and many who could become involved without doing a thing, resulting in an investigation and charges. It is important to be represented by an Arizona organized crime lawyer so that the best possible outcome can be reached in the case.

As for the penalties, they will vary based upon what crimes were committed within the organized crime group. Murder, extortion, robbery, drug crimes, and much more can occur, resulting in many aggravating factors that can result in very long prison sentences, restitution, fines, probation, community service, and any other penalties that are deemed appropriate.

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