Scottsdale Property Disputes

Scottsdale Property Disputes Attorney

As more people move into Scottsdale, property disputes are becoming more common and landowners need help navigating these property disputes. If you own property in Arizona, Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale or the surrounding area and a property dispute has come about, you need the representation of an experienced Scottsdale property disputes attorney.

With the right guidance, a solution to the issue can be found so that you and the other party can move forward.

Experience In Different Types Of Property Disputes

There are three main types of property disputes that can come about. They are:

Encroachment – An example is when a neighbor encroaches on another person’s property, using that property in some way. There are some cases where a neighbor erects a structure that intrudes over the property line. One solution is to sell the encroached upon property to the neighbor, otherwise a legal dispute can arise.

Tree damage – Perhaps a neighbor destroys trees that don’t belong to them or trees damage a neighbor’s property.

Land use and zoning – Municipalities have restrictions on how property can be used. Zoning laws and ordinances cover everything from the type of structure allowed in a specific area of the municipality to aesthetics and safety.

These are just some of the dispute types that can come about, but you can effectively fight with the help of an experienced professional who understands the laws and rules. In other words, the process can run much smoother and more efficiently.

Committed To Finding Solutions

Basically, owning property is an important component of living the American dream. When a dispute develops, that dream can turn into a nightmare. The best option when dealing with landowner challenges is to gain counsel from an experienced attorney who knows the processes for gaining the necessary approvals. Having the proper guidance ensures the laws and processes are followed, which also helps control the costs and many headaches that are associated with property disputes.

Contact An Scottsdale Property Disputes Attorney

If you have a property dispute, it’s important for you to have the proper representation so a favorable outcome can be reached. The law is so complicated with rules that are so specific that the system can be difficult to navigate. To learn more about how Myles Schneider & Associations, LTD can help you, call 602-926-7373 to request a free consultation.


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