City of Phoenix Veteran’s Court

Eligible veterans may participate in Veterans Court by voluntarily opting into the court. Both the defense counsel and prosecutor screen the case and stipulate that the case is appropriate for Veterans Court. Veterans Court meets as a separate court docket. A Veterans Administration representative is present and conducts a VA eligibility assessment.

The prosecutor and veterans with their attorneys gather in Veterans Court along with the VA coordinator; together they explore the various counseling and behavioral programs available to the veteran and determine which is most appropriate for each veteran. When they reach a decision, a treatment plan is incorporated into a plea agreement that becomes the contract for the veteran’s responsibility. The court ultimately must review and accept the agreement for the resolution of the case to be completed.

This program can give veterans alternatives that might not be otherwise available through diversion or incarceration.  In some case, you can get your case dismissed upon completion of the program.

An 82nd Airborne veteran himself, Myles A. Schneider understands the importance of giving veterans the support they deserve, the resources they have fought for, and the legal representation quality that only someone who has fought for their country can provide. Let Myles A. Schneider fight for you too.

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