Diversion Programs in Arizona

Diversion provides many first-time offenders an opportunity to participate in relevant counseling rather than proceeding through the court system and establishing a criminal record. Through counseling and classes, participants are guided toward alternative methods of managing and understanding the kind of behavior that lead to criminal activity. Participants who successfully complete diversion receive a dismissal of the misdemeanor charge(s) and avoid a criminal record.

Upon successful completion of the program, your charges will be dismissed and you will have NO criminal conviction. Additionally, your case will NOT go to trial. You will NOT pay a fine above and beyond the program fees. You will be evaluated for the need and type of counseling appropriate to your offense.

Many Cities like Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, Scottsdale and Tempe offer diversion programming for a variety of charges such as:



Disorderly Conduct; and

Substance Abuse.

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