Has your property (or Money) been seized for forfeiture?

If the police has seized our property you most likely received Notice of Seizure for Forfeiture. In that case, the State is alleging tht you property was used in the commission of a crime, is proceeds of a crime, or was purchased with money obtained from a crime. Consequently, the State is seeking to have the property forfeited to the State.

However, before the property can be forfeited, the State is obligated to provide notice of the property’s seizure and pending forfeiture to all owners, interest holders, injured persons, or persons known to have interest (see Arizona Revised Statute § 13-4301 for precise definitions of these terms). If you have received such a Notice, the State has identified you as a possible owner, interest holder, injured person, or person known to have interest in some or all of the property.  If you do not respond to his Notice in time, you will lose your property FOREVER!

This forfeiture action is completely independent of any criminal prosecution. An absence of a conviction or arrest does not prevent the State from seeking forfeiture of the seized property.

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