Can’t Afford a Private Lawyer – Take a Knapp

What is Knapp Counsel? It is a way that your family can hire a private lawyer to work with the public defender in your case. Why? It costs less than having the private lawyer replace the public defender. This is because you the benefit of the state paying for some of the costs of litigation along with the private lawyer’s experience. Also, a private attorney generally has more time to devote to a case than a public defender who may be overwhelmed with a high case load. More importantly, two heads are better than one. Most attorney’s such as myself, are able to lower our fees because the overhead is lower and two attorneys are doing the work. The term Knapp counsel comes from the Arizona case State v. Knapp, 114 Ariz. 531 (1977). Hiring Knapp counsel is ideal for a defendant with limited resources, but where the defendant or the defendant’s family desires to provide for a more comprehensive defense at a significantly lower cost than if only private counsel was retained.

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